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Positive Discipline Toolkit Series

Positive Discipline Toolkit Series

Educators, Administrators, Support Staff, Classified


English, Spanish


In-person, Virtual




3 (1 hour) Sessions

At its core, Positive Discipline aims to cultivate learning environments where students feel both significant, able to contribute meaningfully, and a sense of belonging. In this  3-part series staff will learn how to apply these principles effectively enhacing the school climate and culture.

Three 1-hour sessions:

  1. Engaging Cooperation. Learn dynamic approaches to foster cooperation in the classroom, promoting a collaborative and positive learning environment.

  2. New Tools for a New Youth. Explore innovative techniques tailored for the evolving needs of today's youth, ensuring educators are equipped with the latest tools for effective discipline.

  3. Encouragement Essentials. Delve into the art of encouragement, discovering practical methods to motivate and uplift students, creating a supportive atmosphere in your classroom

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