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I collect feedback after every one of my Workshops and Trainings, and I now have thousands of reviews.  On a scale of 1 to 5, the average rating on a question about "Overall Satisfaction" is 4.8! Here are a few of the things people have said after participating:

Awesome job. I love how you structured your presentation…very well done and much appreciated!

Informative and well paced! Great job!

I found the information about how the brain works and how trauma affects its development was beneficial. Also, being able to break into groups and talk/reflect about the information was helpful.

The grounding exercise at the beginning was great to start. Love the energy of the trainer also.

Deni checked in with us regularly, watching our cameras with non verbal feedback

I actually appreciated the mental break of body scans and breath work. It gave me a second to calm and focus myself.

I learned a lot of strategies that will allow me to be a more effective presenter who engages participants in ways they'll benefit from and enjoy.

If anyone wants to know how to reach and teach your audience in your context or about your subject area, this training is for you!

Explanation of age appropriate behaviors. It made feel like it was just not my kid who acts that way. Most kids are expected to act that way.

Understanding my role as a parent. Putting into perspective how the kids might feel as kids.

Great information! I will use this at work and at home. Thank you!!

The breakout room discussions and quizzes to check for understanding throughout the training were very helpful. Great information and presentation of information all the way around:)

Deni put everything is very easy to understand terms and was very relatable. The information was great and had great context.

The knowledge which we received. It was fun to learn new terms and psychology and how it relates with COVID.

The training provided information that was not only vital, but relevant. I will be able to use what was presented during the school year.

The insight and knowledge shared will be valuable when starting this new school year. It raises our awareness and consciousness as teachers. Thank you.

This training is extremely useful and applicable, regardless of what your profession is! It truly teaches you how to make your content engaging, applicable and audience- frienldy!

Learning that you cannot change your child but you can change the way we react.

Hearing other parents' challenges and thoughts and hearing the instructor's own examples.

Visual note-taking sheet for ways to reduce stress

Excellent presentation.

I really loved the examples. Deni was great at giving scenarios and showing demonstrations as well. The questions and discussions were a nice break as well.

All of the training was beneficial to me. Some of it was knowledge that I already came with, but it is great to remember that information prior to starting the school year. I really enjoyed the break out sessions and being able to chat with peers this allowed for deeper understanding of the content being taught.

I loved the small group aspect of it because we were able to interact with other teachers and talk about our experiences.

Reminding us that teachers need to model the same expectations we are wanting students to have, and to give ourselves and students grace to achieve these expectations.

Deni was knowledgeable and engaging, allowing more interaction between herself and the staff as well as interaction between staff in short breakout rooms. The open discussion prompted more in-depth discussion of how to better serve our students and their emotional needs.

This training is essential for anyone who presents or trains others. The skills and information I gained in this training will significantly change how I plan and implement professional development for my staff.

Deni is understanding and well knowledgable about the subject

Most beneficial was getting reality-checked- we made a list of all the things we wanted kids to grow up to be then realized we knew no one who always had those qualities

Keep bringing back Deni:)

Love her. Really appreciate how organized, informative and interactive her sessions are.

How trauma/stress show up in classroom settings with students. Often times it is important to attempt to understand why students respond/reacts to situations as they do. Resource and support is always a great addition to student success.

Having a better understanding of trauma and how it impacts the brain was most beneficial for me. As a clinician working in school-based, my job is to determine why specific behaviors exist. Having a better understanding of trauma can assist me to have better understanding for my students.

Learning about the development of the childs brain, so helpful as a parent, and school employee to gain perspective on many situations with kids...

Deni was very understanding and passionate about what she does. Different ways to keep teachers engage. I think this was the best part.

I really enjoyed how Deni had everyone get involved. It made the training more personable and had us thinking about focusing on the training rather than our to do list.

TBR will completely change how I create presentations. I am confident I can now develop meaninfgul and engaging materials that will be remembered by learners. Fantastic training!

The questioning process as it allowed me to challenge my perspective.

The group work and different exercises

I always enjoy Deni :)

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