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Parenting Classes: The Teen Years

Parenting Classes: The Teen Years

Districts that Want to Host Parenting Classes


English, Spanish


In-person, Virtual




75 Minutes per class

Are you a parent of teens who could benefit from learning more about effective parenting strategies? Our parenting teens class is the perfect place to start! Join us and learn about how to build a strong, positive relationship with your teens, handle difficult conversations, and set healthy boundaries. We provide an engaging, supportive environment with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. Sign up today and take the first step towards building a strong, lasting relationship with your teen!

Module 1: Building Cooperation

  • Session 1: Welcome- Using brain science to help us parent

  • Session 2: Curiosity Questions

Module 2: Setting Limits and Following Through

  • Session 1: Kind and Firm Discipline

  • Session 2: Follow through

Module 3: Parent Burnout

  • Session 1: Parent Burnout is REAL! What can you do about it?

  • Session 2: Wellness Toolkit


Individuals: $100/Module (Need-based Scholarships are Available)

Districts: Please contact for pricing

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