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Parenting Classes: The K-6th Years

Parenting Classes: The K-6th Years

Districts that Want to Host Parenting Classes


English, Spanish


In-person, Virtual




75 Minutes per class

Are you a parent who could benefit from learning more about effective parenting strategies for kids in elementary school? This parenting class is for you! The class focuses on using non-punitive methods to help children develop self-control and respect. With an engaging, supportive environment and plenty of opportunities for learning and growth, the class provides useful strategies to help parents set and maintain boundaries in a way that is calm, firm, and respectful. Through activities and discussion, parents learn how to effectively communicate with their kids and foster a positive relationship that will last. Sign up today and take the first steps towards raising confident, well-adjusted children.

Module 1: Building Cooperation

  • Session 1: Welcome- Using brain science to help us parent

  • Session 2: Curiosity Questions

Module 2: Setting Limits and Following Through

  • Session 1: Kind and Firm Discipline

  • Session 2: Follow through

Module 3: Parent Burnout

  • Session 1: Parent Burnout is REAL! What can you do about it?

  • Session 2: Wellness Toolkit


Individuals: $100/Module (Need-based Scholarships are Available)

Districts: Please contact for pricing

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