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Parenting Classes: The Early Years

Parenting Classes: The Early Years

Districts that Want to Host Parenting Classes


English, Spanish


In-person, Virtual




75 Minutes per class

Parenting in the early years can be a real challenge! Positive discipline parenting classes for the early years can be helpful in developing a sense of confidence in your parenting: you will know what to do and why you're doing it. This class will give you the knowledge you need to effectively set limits and provide discipline without resorting to yelling, threats, or physical punishment. Learn how to maintain your own balance, stay calm during difficult moments, and better understand your own communication style. Sign up today to learn how to help your children develop into confident, competent, and responsible adults.

Module 1: Building Cooperation

  • Session 1: Welcome- Using brain science to help us parent

  • Session 2: Curiosity Questions

Module 2: Setting Limits and Following Through

  • Session 1: Kind and Firm Discipline

  • Session 2: Follow through

Module 3: Parent Burnout

  • Session 1: Parent Burnout is REAL! What can you do about it?

  • Session 2: Wellness Toolkit


Individuals: $100/Module (Need-based Scholarships are Available)

Districts: Please contact for pricing

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