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Recapture the magic and excitement of education

The last few years took a toll on all of us, and educators have been among the hardest hit. Students are burned out, teachers are burned out, and administrators are looking for new and creative ways to reinvigorate their educational communities.


Fortunately, there are strategies - based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology - that can encourage resilience, inspire the exhausted, and recapture the magic and excitement of education!

Strategies for Maintaining Well-being: for Parents, Educators, and Organizations 

Dení Education Consulting offers a wide variety of workshops and certifications that build healthy, dynamic relationships among kids, parents, and education professionals.


See below for a brief description of the types of workshops offered.

Social Emotional Learning Workshops

Learn to manage stress and build resilience

Fun, interactive, participatory workshops that will teach you about cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology to encourage resilience, inspire the exhausted, and recapture the magic and excitement of education!

Positive Discipline

The no-yelling solution

Become a certified Positive Discipline trainer: in the Classroom, for Early Childhood Educators, or Teaching Parenting

PD ECE.png

Parenting Classes

Host parenting classes

Positive Discipline parenting classes offered by age group: early years, elementary school aged kids, and teens.

Teaching from the BACK of the Room

Teaching and presenting that engages your audience

The international curriculum sensation!


This is a facilitator training program that will get your students engaged and motivated, with an interactive, hands-on approach that teaches cutting edge facilitation skills for any content area.


Individualized Consulting

Undivided attention, your way

Work one-on-one with Dení

Who I Am

My name is Dení Dayan

Since 2009, I’ve been providing professional consulting services for educators and parents in a variety of settings: private schools, public school districts, and county offices of education. Using cutting-edge research and field-tested strategies, my trainings emphasize real-world applications of current best practices in trauma-informed education, discipline, and group dynamics.


My trainings have been universally appreciated as being lively, engaging, and participatory. I’ll work with your team to create a realistic and actionable plan for enhancing student success and teacher well-being. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

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Thanks for your interest! We will reach out soon.

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